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Astro Klean

Your Synthetic grass specialists, Professional Installation, Maintenance, Cleaning

and Rejuvenation of Synthetic grass and rubber softfall. 

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Astro Klean offers professional cleaning programs for both synthetic grass and rubber soft fall.

Our Uniquely designed machine is a totally NON ABRASIVE cleaning technique which doesn't damage your surface.

All work done in the hours that suit you so you return to a beautiful clean area.

Save on the sand being spread throughout your institution. Having it sanitized keeps it clean for all.

We offer tailor made cleaning packages that suit your needs.

Regular cleaning alleviates the common problems of:

*Dust forming a crusty layer, creating a mold and bacteria breeding area, which can harbor E. Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, taphylococcus and Listeria Bacteria etc.

*Rubber and sand compacting, makes a hard surface which creates an unsafe playing surface.

Having a maintenance plan ensures you will always have a well presented play area for the little ones.

Also it helps your investment live its fullest lifespan.

The parents will love the look of a clean and well maintained play area.

We offer a range of Cleaning programs to suit all types of establishments.

· One off major cleans

· Monthly cleaning, maintenance and sanitizing

· Fortnightly

· Quarterly

· Bi annually

With our environmentally friendly, 100% natural, non allergenic sanitizer you limit the risk of infections and transmission of diseases. 

By having a good maintenance program for your play area, you not only have a great working environment, you also have happy parents that know their precious ones have a safe and clean play area whilst in your care.

See our gallery for examples of our work, then Contact us today for a quote.


Astro Klean can repair damaged and worn areas of synthetic grass and rubber soft fall.

We can also remove trip hazards such as tree roots which have grown underneath your synthetic grass. We can lift, clean and relay areas which are unsafe for play.

Removal of trip hazards caused by tree roots and other causes makes for a safe playground!

Astro Klean offers fully licensed and insured building services which means we can do all maintenance works on your property such as repairs to structures like decks, fences, and building and garden structures. 

See our Gallery for examples our repair work and then Contact us to get a quote on those small and large projects you have waiting to get done. 

We are almost a one stop shop!

QBCC builder License # 1111785